Making Time

I can remember a time when I relocated for a job promotion and while adjusting to the move things had gotten a little mumble jumbled with my time schedule. And in the jumble I have to be honest when I say that some of my heart to hearts with God had suffered in the process. However, I have always been a firm believer that we make time for the things we want to make time for or the things that are important to us.

To further confirm this, while watching the television show Underground the one night (a show about a group of slaves trying to get to freedom). The Holy Spirit pointed something out to me in the episode. When the slaves were done for the day and had their “down time” with their families in the evening one of the slaves said to his wife “Come on it’s time for us to read our scriptures.”

And that’s when it hit me. They had been out there in the hot sun all day long picking cotton and getting yelled at and at the end of the day still made time to spend with God. So what’s my excuse? Because I clearly ain’t been picking nobody’s cotton! But I made time to watch them do it on T.V.!

I can only speak for myself when I say that in the busyness of life it is imperative that we remember to keep our time that we spend with God as a priority. I know sometimes this can be difficult because life can get crazy busy but Ephesians 5:15-16 says it like this: “Look carefully then how you walk, not as unwise but as wise, making the best use of the time, because the days are evil.”

Remember we make time for the things we want to make time for and if God makes time to breathe life into us each day then the least we could do is make time to say thank you!

~ Brittney C. Hicks

“If you’re going to pray then don’t worry and if you’re going to worry then don’t pray!”


Are you really what you look like?

These are notes from one of Pastor G’s sermons it really blessed me and I pray it blesses you. It references Gal 6:7-8. NO FAKES ALLOWED!!! Lol 😝

-Don’t judge the season by what it feels like

-When presentation trumps sanctification it creates a dire need for sanitation

-Presenting holiness in public and suffering in private

Due Season- whether you reap good or bad

-You can’t expect to get life from sin bc sin leads to death

-Mercy season vs favor season

God starts blocking stuff you didn’t dodge (mercy season)

– don’t confuse your mercy season with your favor season (doors opening that you are unqualified for)

Reshifting Focus

Today we are going to be quick and to the point. Instead of focusing of what you don’t have reshift the focus on what you do have and give thanks for that. 1 Timothy says 6:6-7 “But godliness with contentment is great gain. For we brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we can carry nothing out.” Have a blessed week and remember to reshift that focus!

Brittney C. Hicks
“If you are going to pray don’t worry and if you are going to worry don’t pray!”

Ain’t that so and so…

Don’t you hate when you have the ultimate come up but your past overshadows it? You finally made it out the hood, moved on up to the East Side and finally got a piece of the pie but all anyone can say is, “Well you know they used to be trappin’ and pimping.” Or maybe you finally start learning how to flow in your gift (whatever that may be) but all people say is “But ain’t that so and so and didn’t they do such and such?”

Now I can’t even fake, this used to tick me off to no end! In my head I’m like so we’re so focused on what I USED to do and who I USED to be that we will just choose to be blind to the deliverance taking place… that’s real wack… but like my daddy always says time will tell.

That’s when the Holy Spirit (aka The Comforter) led me right to Mark 6:2-3 which says in the ESV version “And on the Sabbath he began to teach in the synagogue and many who heard him were astonished, saying where did this man get these things? What is the wisdom given to him? How are such mighty works done by his hands? Is not this the carpenter, the son of Mary and Judas and Simon? And are not his sisters here with us? And they took offense at him.”

You mean to tell me that Jesus who is God in human form had to deal with the same thing?! He was just out here trying to speak truth and help people but all they could do was say “ain’t that so and so…” I have to tell y’all after I read this a peace came over me that I can’t even explain (I guess it’s that peace that surpasses all understanding for all my Bible scholars lol). But all jokes aside I pray that peace come over you too.

I would encourage you to make time to read to the entire chapter. And if this has blessed you and you know someone else that it might bless please feel free to post it on your social media timelines. But remove my name because it’s not about me; just the Word going forth and being sharper than a two edge sword! Be blessed and remember not to focus on the fact that you USED to be so and so and focus on the glow of God’s glory and present deliverance!


Brittney C. Hicks

“If you are going to pray DON’T WORRY and if you are going to worry don’t pray!!!”

Don’t Worry

I came across a devotion a day or two before we trumped that spoke directly to the outcome of the election. I found it extremely interesting that it correlated directly with the results. I have posted it below for you to read and read often during these next few years. Remember we pray so we don’t worry…

I don’t know about you, but my emotions have been all over the board about this upcoming Presidential election. It is so easy to fall into the ravine of worry, anxiety, and outright fear. So let’s just talk about it a minute.

During one of my “less than trusting” days, God reminded me that He is still in control. Yes, God does give us the risky gift of choice, but He is still sovereign and sitting on His throne.

God reminded me of King Cyrus. Jeremiah prophesied that the Babylonians would take the rebellious Israelites captive for seventy years. Years later, that’s exactly what happened. Jerusalem was destroyed and the Israelites were taken captive for seventy years.

Jeremiah also prophesied that God would raise up a Persian King named Cyrus who would conquer the Babylonians and set the Israelites free. One hundred and fifty years later, that’s exactly what happened. The prophet even called him by name … Cyrus. Amazing! In 539 B.C. King Cyrus decreed that the Israelites could return to their homeland and rebuild the temple. Stay with me.

Here’s the prophesy: “This is what the Lord says to his anointed, to Cyrus, whose right hand I take hold of to subdue nations before him . . . ‘I summon you by name and bestow on you a title of honor, though you do not acknowledge me’” (Isaiah 45:1, 4; see also 41:2-25; 42:6). About His sovereignty over all nations, God says of Cyrus, “He is my shepherd and will accomplish all that I please” (Isaiah 44:28).Stay with me. Here comes the good part!

Now one might think that Cyrus must have been a “mighty man of God,” but he was not. Far from it. He worshipped a whole host of gods. However, God chose him to play a major role in the history and life of His chosen people.

The prophets referred to the heathen King Cyrus as the Lord’s “shepherd,” and His “anointed.” Even though King Cyrus was not a Yahweh, God-fearing king, God still used him to bring about His purposes. “All that I please.”

And God can still do that today.

God will do what God will do. He can and will work through godly and ungodly leaders alike. Cyrus is not who you or I would have chosen to be “president.” But he was exactly who God used for His purposes at that time in history. So that’s why I’m not worried about this presidential election. Paul reminds us, “Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God (Romans 13:1 NIV).

Daniel reminds us, “It is He who changes the times and the epochs; He removes kings and establishes kings; He gives wisdom to wise men and knowledge to men of understanding (Daniel 2:21).

Jesus reminds us in His words to Pilate before His crucifixion, “You would have no authority over Me unless it were given to you from above (John 9:11). So that’s why I’m not worried.

We pray. We vote. God is on His throne and His purposes will not fail, no matter who sits in the oval office.

Let’s Pray

God, I rest today in the confidence that You are on Your throne, and that You rule over everything. I will pray, and I will vote. And I will rest in the assurance that You are in control. You work through godly and ungodly kings alike.

In Jesus’ Name,


FIGHT 🤼‍♂️🤺

The only way to fight darkness is with LIGHT and sorrow is with laughter. Like Get Right said “bruh you a savage for the cloth 😂 yup I’m a Lil Gangsta for God and trill for the trinity 😂😂😂😂). If you want to learn how to fight right check out


Brittney C. Hicks

“If you are going to pray don’t worry and if you are going to worry don’t pray!